Gottfried Schatz Research Center | Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Message from the Chair

It is my privilege to introduce the Institute of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry from the Gottfried Schatz Research Center for Cell Signaling, Metabolism & Aging at the Medical University of Graz. Our success clearly builds on the outstanding core of faculty and staff that are joined by very talented research fellows and students who all share our mission of conducting great research and teaching. We share the excitement on the recent and ongoing progresses in the disciplines of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and maintain our duty in the exploration of the molecular basis of diseases. From our strong roots in lipid research, our institute has grown to a highly productive location for successful research activities in the field of lipid signaling and metabolism, signal transduction, genetic epidemiology and brain aging, and, Ca2+ signaling and function. Our scientific efforts are complemented with sophisticated high-end experimental tools that encompass e.g. high throughput DNA analysis including Next Generation Sequencing, proteomics (Maldi-Tof), high-resolution laser microscopy and electrophysiology. Our institute is embedded in the very interactive and outstanding local environment of lipid signaling and metabolism, signal transduction and Ca2+ signaling and neuroscience. We believe to serve our mission best by close collaboration with other great research groups and institutions that share our commitment to scientific quality. In view of international competitiveness and in times of cutting budgets and financial ties, we stand for our responsibility to earn research grants to accomplish our research activities and seek to publish our results in internationally recognized journals. We are proud on research grants from the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), from the Austrian National Bank (ÖNB) and multiple international collaborations within e.g. NIH projects, EU networks or with the industry. Being at the Medical University of Graz, we join forces with our colleagues at the clinics to build a bridge from basic research to clinical sciences. Besides our strong local scientific boundaries, we enjoy international collaborations and are happy to host  researchers from all over the world. Many of them are students in our PhD and doctoral programs that offer talented young scientists an excellent scientific education. In addition to this postgraduate program, we are engaged in the educational courses of the medical school and organize several Special Study Models in order to provide in-depth education in the evolving disciplines of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry in Medicine. We believe that a profound education of our students warrants their and our own future success and, thus, the promotion of our young colleagues is our special focus. Accordingly, we take care on the important matters of diversity and gender mainstream and support projects within the scope of women’s promotion. Noteworthy, our team also takes an eye on the emerging ecological and ethical aspects in our routine and daily research work to ensure sustainability of our activities. Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find it informative and we warmly invite you to further explore our site and learn more on our great team, the individual scientists, our research projects and funding, and available resources we gladly offer for collaborations with us. As a student you may find our teaching platform useful where you can find all kinds of interesting information on our courses. Please feel free to contact me, members of the faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, or students if you are interested in further information. Best regards,Wolfgang F. Graier

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