Gottfried Schatz Research Center | Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Core competences

 • Lipid and lipoprotein metabolism, blood coagulation, immunochemistry, clinical chemical analytics • Cell biology, molecular biology • Cholesterol homeostasis

Techniques and Methods

Techniques and methods • Immunochemical techniques: ELISA, DELFIA, antibody production • In vivo animal experiments • Cell culture • Gene expression and regulation by transcription factors and micro-RNA’s • Microarray hybridizations and evaluations • RT-PCR • Northern/Southern blottings • Cloning and transfections • Production of antisera via over-expression of peptides in E. • coli and subsequent infection • DNA-sequencing • Clinical chemistry • Production of recombinant adenovirus mediated expression of recombinant proteins • antisense RNA in cells and animals

External Services

• amino acid analytics • metabolic rate studies in test animals • DNA-analytics • molecular biology • array technology

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