Gottfried Schatz Research Center | Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Phospholipid metabolism in adipocytes and enterocytes

In response to the specific metabolic needs, mammalian cells store or mobilize lipids. Intracellular lipid droplets (LD) serve for storage, lipoproteins for distribution of lipids within the body. Both kinds of lipid particles (LD and lipoproteins) share a common architecture regarding their lipid moieties; a core of hydrophobic lipids, surrounded by a phospholipid monolayer. Our research focuses on the question of how the intracellular phospholipid metabolism of specialized cells governs the synthesis of corresponding lipid particles. Currently, we investigate the biogenesis of intracellular LD in adipocytes and the secretion of lipoproteins (chylomicrons) from enterocytes. Key words: Phospholipid metabolism in adipocytes and enterocytes Lipid homeostasis in adipocytes Lipid droplet biogenesis LCAT and LCAT deficiency

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